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Health and Safety Policy Statement

At Harmony Profiles, we understand that our staff are our biggest asset and their well being is important to the success of our operation and the delivery of quality services to our clients.  We actively manage Health & Safety within our business operations and comply fully with all relevant guide lines, best practise and legal requirements.

All our employees are expected to behave responsibly at all times and this includes looking after their own safety and that of their colleagues.  Full co-operation with all safety rules is mandatory when working in any environment. This includes following policies defined by our clients for working on their locations.

Harmony Profiles provide suitable training to all staff to ensure that Health and Safety remains a priority within our organisation and that everyone is kept up-to-date of changes in policy and practice.  Our Health & Safety policy is reviewed annually by the management team to ensure that it meets and supports our business needs and objectives.

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

This is the Health and Safety Policy Statement of Harmony Profiles

Our statement of general policy is:

·       To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities;

·       To consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety;

·       To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;

·       To ensure safe handling and use of substances;

·       To provide information instruction and supervision for employees;

·       To ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training;

·       To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health

·       To maintain safe and healthy working conditions; and

·       To review and revise this policy as necessary annually